Measure -> Coaching -> Put it to Action!

The Measuring Coaching Action method (MCA – method) has been in continuous development since 2001 based on practical experiences and new scientific insights. The aim of the method is to help people who work and or want to work, in consultation with a certified coach, to develop their personal Sustainable Employable Potential. A Sustainable Employable Potential coach teaches you to talk to yourself in a holistic way

What is Sustainable Deployable Potential (D.I.P.)

The potential of a person, to keep a steady fulfilling job or create new opportunities in a next one. If you like something; it is like never a day of work. With mind on being healthy and happy! How fit can you get?

Training as a DI Potential Coach trains participants in the training in applying the MCA method. 


MCA methode

Applying the MCA method is always part of a professional coaching process in consultation with a participant, preferably on the basis of an agreed coaching agreement (process).

The 3 parts of the method are:


  1. Measure=

Insight creation of your personal DI Potential profile based on various indicators that can be obtained via the Knowvium Science Based Questionnaire toolbox be made available (report or digital). The insight profile is discussed by the “coachee” with the coach.


  1. Coaching:

The coach talks to the coachee in various sessions (digitally or live). The number of sessions depends on the coaching agreement, but always consists of a minimum of 2 sessions.

The key questions that are discussed (touched) reflectively from a personal context are always:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What can I do?
  • What do I practice?
  • How do I achieve my goal and keep my pace!?

The coachee learns to talk to himself and to think and act like the Corporate "ME".


  1. Action:

Based on the coaching conversations and the workbook made available by the coach, the coachee learns to look at himself as a so-called Business Model You. Learn to think like a start-up in a fast-changing world.

The model provides a rational insight into how an individual creates, delivers and organizes value from his own personal context. Because of this characteristic, the BMY way of thinking has been integrated into the Measuring Coaching Action (MCA) trajectory developed by Knowvium. This is aimed at teaching people to look at themselves in a holistic way and to reflect on them with the aim of continuing to work on and develop your personal Sustainable Deploy-able Potential.

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