Organization Of Grants & Benifits

Do you have a project or idea and are you looking for financing? Many subsidies and tax schemes are available from the Dutch government and Europe. The landscape is very diverse and offers opportunities for many types of organisations. Do you want to apply for a subsidy? Gerard Scheenstra and business partners take care of this process for you.

Apply for money available to your project

The process starts with identifying the relevant opportunities.The sector/type of your business largely determine what the possibi;llities are fpr you personally / you are eligible for.

The next step is the actual grant application. An award or rejection does not only depend on the quality of the project, but also depends to a large extent on the quality of the application. Our team takes care of the entire grant application to increase your chance of success. We are aware of current regulations, the changing rules and what requirements subsidy providers set for subsidy applications.