Training and education

All our programs are set up, tested and evaluated from a didactic development structure. You can count on varied and stimulating working methods with a lot of action learning that you can put to work immediately. In this way we optimize knowledge transfer and your and our growth.

Training as a DI Potential Coach

This training is for anyone interested in the personal development of people in relation to lives and career issues.

Technique Motivational Interviewing

With Motivational Interviewing it is possible to stimulate the client's intrinsic motivation. The change can be initiated with an action plan from the client himself.

Workshops and Seminars

The workshops (team sessions) and seminars provide insight into issues such as “The Future of Work and what impact will it have on my organization” and “What is sustainable employability?”

Training abroad

Improve yourself and your business with a retreat or training abroad. Get started to improve your personal and business model. Read why you learn more abroad.

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