Knowvium Science Based Questionnaire Toolbox

Since 2001, scientific research and practical application have led to the Knowvium Questionnaire Toolbox.

Research has determined which ones are based on different angles  "indicators"  of people have a direct influence on the qualitative and quantitative functioning in order to be able to continue to perform your work and assignments sustainably now and in the future. Am I sufficiently agile (relevant) for the future given all the changes that are taking place in the world and have an impact on my personal employability.

We put it to the measure (indicators) of the personal Sustainably Employable Potential level. What is Sustainable Deployable Potential (D.I.P.)


The potential of a person, to keep a steady fulfilling job or create new opportunities in a next one. If you like something; it is like never a day of work. With mind on being healthy and happy! How fit can you get?


The Questionnaire ToolBox

The Knowvium Science Based Questionnaire toolbox is the software environment in which all questionnaires are modeled and brought together. All the knowledge and insights developed with regard to measurement are packaged in questionnaire constructs that can be deployed and applied in a fully flexible way.


The use of the Toolbox is applied in practice in various ways:

  • After training to DI Potential coach the coach can use the software independently.
  • Measuring Human Capital Metrics within teams and organizations in collaboration with clients and consultants together with the
  • Deployment to support scientific research, from PHDs to bachelor themes.
  • Can be an embedded part of so-called career portals and/or variants.