Human Capital Metrics Methode

Human capital is the competitive factor of the 21st century. To date, however, this cannot be measured very well. As a result, the effect of investments in this human capital often remains invisible. Knowvium, the applied science company, therefore combines 'hard' measurements with 'soft' personal characteristics on the basis of practical experience, scientific insights, research and validated measuring instruments to create insight into human capital. the Knowvium Science Bases Questionnaire Toolbox.

These metrics of human capital are also referred to as HR metrics. 'Hard' HR metrics are measured values that can in most cases be translated into a direct financial consequence for the organization (both positive and negative, e.g. reduction of absenteeism). 'Soft' HR metrics are measures of the human capital of the organization that are less directly translated into financial values for the company. However, it has been shown on the basis of scientific research that if there is no investment in the 'soft' characteristics of human capital. We call this measuring the Sustainable Employable Potential (DIP) of a person in his personal context on the basis of all possible DIP indicators.

The thinking method Human Capital Metrics developed by Knowvium has the following options:

  • Objective insight into human capital and its potential added value;
  • Concrete business cases for investing in human capital, determining strategy and making policy decisions.
  • Better management of HR processes and instruments;

 The  applies, among other things, the method developed by Knowvium in practice at companies and together with professionals

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