Gerard Scheenstra Founder and initiator of Knowvium

Msc Science in Business

Gerard Scheenstra is a creative entrepreneur/incubator, seasoned professional, disruptive thinker and doer, coach, trainer and guest lecturer/speaker. Gerard has since 1986 work experience in multiple roles as a professional in different lines of business and entrepreneurship. To make people and organization agile and ready for the future makes Gerard happy.

Gerard is since 1988 mentor and personal coach for students with key goal for participating students to acquire work experience and make sure they graduate with a clear plan for the future

Personal vision

It is my personal belief that each person should take the responsibility for the development of his or her own life and career. You should make it your personal mission to develop your own sustainable employability profile during your life and help others to achieve and/or develop it.
People with high level of sustainable employability profile will be more innovative as a person and add innovative value to organizations they work for or in.

Personal goal regarding Knowvium

To create a global Knowvium community based on the key values of Passion, People, Pleasure, Planet and Profit.