Duurzaam inzetbaar potentieel: ‘De vermogens (potentieel) van een mens, waarin hij/zij in staat is om nu en in de toekomst werk te behouden en/of nieuw werk te kunnen vinden of creëren vanuit eigen context (De BV Ik) met behoud van gezondheid en welzijn.’ (Knowvium, 2014)

Verena Fisher

My name is Verena Fischer and I am 24 years old. Since 2010 I am studying business administration at the Otto-Friedrich-University in Bamberg, Germany. Currently, I finished the second semester of my postgraduate studies (M.Sc.) with the major field of human resource development and management.

I am passionate about the human resource development in our society. However, it is not only a phrase, it is the individual people who are standing behind it. That is what I want to keep the world in the back of the minds. After an internship at Knowvium, I realized that it is covering the fields of expertise which has been also the topic fields of my studies and where I want to be involved further on. I finished my undergraduate studies with the major field of strategy, markets and innovation. Combining that to human resources represents in my opinion the concept of career development, personal well-being and performance in organizations.

That is also where I see the bridge to Knowvium and to productivity, sustainable employability and for me of a special meaning: social capital and innovation. am highly motivated to work on a scientific basis towards the practical use. I am curious about the involvement in the community of Knowvium as a student and to inspire and being inspired to achieve high potential but also life-long healthy work environments.